What Is A Patio Cover? | Patio Cover Construction Hesperia | Hesperia Patio Covers

wood-patio-covers-and-pergolas-high-desertThe principle of patio covers is to grant every homeowner the compensations that the outdoors boasts while still giving shelter. Temperatures are rising and although we want to be outdoors sometimes the heat is too much to bare. Patio covers give us the outdoors while still shading us and providing coverage from the sun.

Aside from functional purposes a patio cover also brings a sleek design to your home extending it and giving a bigger feel. This could add value to your home as it is bringing an extra room to the outside. Some take it a step further and build a complete outdoor kitchen or sitting area. You can add a couch, sink, fireplace and more. For the person who loves to entertain a patio cover is the perfect addition.

There are a few options when deciding which patio cover fits your style and your home. If it is primarily for shade then you would go with a full top shade cover. If you prefer light shade but want some sun beaming through you could go with the pergola top which allows sun to get through but also gives some shelter from harsh elements. Some will grow vines to wrap around the beams and create a beautiful green cover with blooms. You can even add siding to protect against wind and other elements.

Patio covers come in many different materials. There are solid wood beams which hold up against time and bring a very classic look to your patio. A newer choice is the plastic beams. These are just as good quality as the wood but bring a more modern look to the patio. They are easy to clean and very durable. There are also the retractable covers made from very thick durable cloth that can roll up out of the way when not wanted. These are great for the indecisive. Being able to pick and choose when a cover is wanted or opening up the patio for full exposure.

Whatever you decide for your patio look you will want to weigh out the pros and cons of hiring a contractor for assembly and install of the patio. Enlisting a professional guarantees a job done right in a timely manner but doing it yourself could possibly save a few dollars if installed properly the first time. We suggest taking into consideration your skill and confidence in completing the job and possibly hiring a professional to assist if there is any doubt. The worst thing we at S&S Construction Restoration run into is when someone attempts a job and ends up spending more money correcting the mistakes and buying new materials.

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