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Determining the size of your patio is crucial. Many homeowners end up with a patio that is either too small or too large. Patios that are too small feel cramped after adding furniture, planters and a grill. Patios that are too large lose their intimacy. If you take the time to determine the right measurements for your patio you will end up with a well-designed outdoor living area that you can use year-round for entertaining and relaxing.

Step 1:
How will you use the patio?

Often you can’t determine a patio size without a full working knowledge of what will happen there. A good designer will know how much space is required to achieve your use goals for the patio and how standard minimum dimensions are used. These minimums are more important in smaller patios where it takes detailed space planning to ensure all the needs are met.

Step 2:

Often a professional will begin by organizing specific uses into the space. These uses may include a grilling area, a gathering zone, a fire pit, dining spot and other amenities associated with outdoor kitchens. The relationships of all these to one another are vital to predicting how the spaces connect across common ground that can be generally defined as “the patio”.

Step 3:
Think about how many people you would like the patio to accommodate.

Measure your yard to get an idea of how much space you have to work with. Think about how big your patio can be as well as the best placement in your yard.

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