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Wood vs. Aluminum – which patio cover is right for you?

So you just built a patio and now you want to protect it from the elements. But, which material is right for you?  Let’s consider two of the most popular construction materials to help you decide.

Wooden Patio Coverindex

Wooden patio covers offer a natural look and feel. If replacing an existing patio cover that’s wood, this is the best option. Wood patio covers are more durable than aluminum and inexpensive, making it a financially sound decision.  However, wooden patio covers have several downsides.  Wooden patio covers are more susceptible to natural damage such as termites, rain, wind and mold.  This means higher maintenance.

Aluminum Patio Coverimages

Aluminum patio covers have longer durability than wooden patio covers because they are less affected by natural damage like its wooden counterpart.  Aluminum patio covers require very little maintenance; just hose it off and you are good to go!  However, just like wooden patio covers, there are downsides.   Aluminum patio covers have higher installation costs and require more expertise to install.  Aluminum patio covers have a cheaper feel and look to them versus wooden patio covers.  Also, having an aluminum patio cover makes it hard to hang plants or other decorative items from it.

Before undergoing a patio renovation, considering how you will use the patio, your design preferences and your budget will help you make the best decision for your home.

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