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thPower-Washing Your Patio – Do’s and Don’ts

With the change in seasons, specifically Winter into Spring, we naturally begin to think about our outdoor living space. Wow, what a mess its been left from the Winter rains and storms!  A quick way to spruce up the space is by pressure washing/power washing the patio surface.  However,  in order to do it successfully, requires some skill and knowledge. Following is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help you.


  • Practice using the pressure washer
  • Test the pressure washer  on a small, inconspicuous space of your deck’s surface
  • Use a wide angle tip (25-40 degrees), which creates a wider spray and will help protect the surface from damage
  • Begin your pressure washing several feet away, moving closer in as you go
  • Wear rubber, non-slip boots
  • Be mindful of what’s on the other side (especially if you’re power-washing a wooden fence)
  • Safety First!


  • Don’t use hot water, cold is sufficient
  • Keep the nozzle 1-2 feet from the object you’re cleaning
  • Use a pressure of 2,000-3,000 psi for your deck and 500-800 psi for a wooden fence
  • Don’t pressure wash in tight quarters as you might damage your surface
  • Never spray directly at another person, animal, window, brick, stucco or masonry
  • Safety First!

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