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Protecting Your Home From Fire During the Holiday Seasonimages

Unfortunately, Christmas tree fires do happen. But, is it because of the real tree or the fake, store bought one? Let’s consider…

In a recent study, of the total number of residential fires reported, 530 of a total of 44,000, involved a Christmas tree. Both real trees and artificial trees were the first ignited, representing several different materials. However, the Christmas tree isn’t as likely to be the first ignited as other materials. Newspapers, boxes, bags, even curtains are more likely to ignite than the Christmas tree.

Fires involving real Christmas trees do happen but it’s important to remember, they can not start the fire. Other factors, such as faulty wiring or frayed wires on the tree lights are external factors. Keeping the following safety tips in mind will help eliminate the potential of a Christmas tree fire.

  • Select the freshest tree available, keeping the water container full at all times
  • Use extreme caution with open flames, such as a burning candle
  • Check all tree lights and other electrical decorations for worn electrical cords. Use only UL approved electrical decorations and extension cords
  • Place your Christmas tree well away from fireplaces, heat registers or other heat sources
  • Unplug the tree lights and other decorations when out of the room or while sleeping

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