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Tips for Determining Patio Size

Determining the size of your patio is crucial.  Often times, homeowners end up with a patio that is either too small or too large.  Patios that are too small feel cramped and confined after adding patio furniture, a bbq or plants.  Taking the time to determine the correct measurements for your patio will help to ensure an outdoor space you can use year-round.

Step 1: How will the space be used?

Will you be cooking? Sitting around a fire-pit?  In order to determine the correct size, you need to determine how you will use the space.  Begin by organizing the specific uses into the space.  This may include a grilling area, gathering zone, a fire-pit and/or a dining area.  The relationship of all of these to one another are crucial to predicting how the spaces connect across common ground and generally defined as the patio.

Step 2: How may people would you like to accommodate?

Will it be a small gathering of just a few or do you have ideas of large parties?

Step 3:  Measure your yard

Make sure your yard can support you ideas.  You need to know the area with which you have to work.

When considering the size of your patio, there’s alot to think about. You need to consider the size of your furniture, walk around space, size of appliances, orientation to expose the most views and sun exposure.  By putting forth thoughtful consideration and design up front, will ensure a patio area that you can enjoy for years to come.

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