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Planning a Successful Remodel

Homes & Lifestyles, Spring 2015, Sonoma West Publishers

Story by Ray Holley

 A home remodel can be one of the largest investments you ever make, and you want it to change your life – or at least your living conditions – so it’s important that you understand the process and plan for the best outcome.

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Home Remodeling Ideas Video | Patio Contractor Hesperia | Home Remodeling And Restoration Contractor Hesperia

Patio Design Inspiration Video | Patio Covers Hesperia | Patio Cover Contractor Hesperia

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Home Remodeling Contractor Hesperia | Patio Covers Hesperia | Construction Barstow

home-remodel-kitchen-concrete-patio-construction-contractor-high-desertLooking for a remodel of your kitchen or maybe a new driveway or patio?  Then look no further, we here at S&S Construction handle all construction aspects of a beautiful remodel of your home and property.  Call us today at 760-559-2667 !

How To Get Rid Of That Smoke Smell After A Fire | Fire Restoration Construction Hesperia | Patio Covers High Desert

Smoke particles can infiltrate carpets, walls, furniture, and clothing, lingering for months. So what can you do to rid your Southern California home of smoke odors, and when is it time to contact a professional?

Smoke damage after a house fire can be challenging to remove without professional help. Odors from smoke can lead to headaches, nausea, and troubled breathing which can interfere with your health and daily life. Burning scented candles and spraying air fresheners may dilute or mask smoke odors temporarily, but they fail to address the root of the problem. Often, air deodorant manufacturers oversimplify the process of smoke damage odor removal. However, effective smoke damage restoration requires a careful, educated approach.

Step 1: Attack the Source of the Odor

After the fire has been completely put out, clear your home of severely scorched or unsalvageable materials. These not only require immense time, effort, and resources to deodorize, but also emit large amounts of smoke odors that can seep into surrounding areas. Remove as many of these source objects as possible to expedite the cleaning process. Before considering demolition, contact a smoke damage odor removal specialist who can test your home for asbestos, lead, and other hazardous chemicals and recommend safe rebuilding tactics.

Step 2: Clean and Deodorize Exposed Surfaces

After a fire, exposed surfaces house high concentrations of smoke odors and residue. Professional restorers know how to thoroughly clean counter tops, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and appliances. This step is crucial to prepare the home for more in-depth odor removal. Depending on the scope of the fire, restorers may need to clean your entire home from top to bottom, even if the entire house was not burned in the fire.

Step 3: Neutralize Remaining Smoke Odors

The third step involves targeting smoke particles with a specialized deodorant gas. The particles in the gas mix with and neutralize particles in the smoke. Professional restorers can determine the right mixture of deodorizing agents and how to distribute them throughout your home. By following all paths the smoke particles may have taken, the deodorizing gas effectively clears the entire structure of lingering odors.

Step 4: Seal Severely Scorched Surfaces

Although seldom necessary, severe fires may require heavily damaged surfaces to be sealed off. Extreme heat and concentrations of smoke particles can render some surfaces nearly impossible to salvage without impractical means. If deemed necessary, the sealing process is the final step in odor removal. Some surfaces can be sealed and painted over. Heavily damaged surfaces in hard-to-reach spaces such as attics and crawlspaces should be sealed and contained. Sealing improves aesthetics and speeds up the overall deodorizing process when compared to extensive chemical treatments that can take several weeks to complete.

There are no easy, “set-it-and-forget-it” ways to remove smoke odors from a burned structure. Professional restoration companies know how to implement the right processes and adjust them to adapt to special cases. Because homeowners often lack the time and resources to remove smoke odors on their own, it’s important for hire a professional to both eliminate the problem and provide peace of mind.

The professionals at S&S Construction & Restoration Inc. specialize in professional smoke damage odor removal, as well as repair, restoration, and remodeling services for homes after a fire. For more information about smoke damage restoration in Southern California, contact S&S Construction & Restoration Inc. at (760) 559-2667 today.

What Is A Patio Cover? | Patio Cover Construction Hesperia | Hesperia Patio Covers

wood-patio-covers-and-pergolas-high-desertThe principle of patio covers is to grant every homeowner the compensations that the outdoors boasts while still giving shelter. Temperatures are rising and although we want to be outdoors sometimes the heat is too much to bare. Patio covers give us the outdoors while still shading us and providing coverage from the sun.

Aside from functional purposes a patio cover also brings a sleek design to your home extending it and giving a bigger feel. This could add value to your home as it is bringing an extra room to the outside. Some take it a step further and build a complete outdoor kitchen or sitting area. You can add a couch, sink, fireplace and more. For the person who loves to entertain a patio cover is the perfect addition.

There are a few options when deciding which patio cover fits your style and your home. If it is primarily for shade then you would go with a full top shade cover. If you prefer light shade but want some sun beaming through you could go with the pergola top which allows sun to get through but also gives some shelter from harsh elements. Some will grow vines to wrap around the beams and create a beautiful green cover with blooms. You can even add siding to protect against wind and other elements.

Patio covers come in many different materials. There are solid wood beams which hold up against time and bring a very classic look to your patio. A newer choice is the plastic beams. These are just as good quality as the wood but bring a more modern look to the patio. They are easy to clean and very durable. There are also the retractable covers made from very thick durable cloth that can roll up out of the way when not wanted. These are great for the indecisive. Being able to pick and choose when a cover is wanted or opening up the patio for full exposure.

Whatever you decide for your patio look you will want to weigh out the pros and cons of hiring a contractor for assembly and install of the patio. Enlisting a professional guarantees a job done right in a timely manner but doing it yourself could possibly save a few dollars if installed properly the first time. We suggest taking into consideration your skill and confidence in completing the job and possibly hiring a professional to assist if there is any doubt. The worst thing we at S&S Construction Restoration run into is when someone attempts a job and ends up spending more money correcting the mistakes and buying new materials.

6 Great Patio Ideas | Custom Patio Design Hesperia | Patio Contractor Hesperia

patio-design-high-desert-s&s-constructionSome Great Patio Design Ideas!

1. Outdoor Sectional. You don’t have to have enough room for a five-piece dining set to create a functional outdoor space – a couple of comfy chairs or a small sofa will go a long way toward making your deck or patio feel like a real room. Pick a piece that will stand up to the elements, like this petite sectional with plush polyfoam cushions and  handwoven UV- and weather-resistant wicker.

2. Colorful Patterned Rug. A small patio or deck is the perfect place to go a little wild with color: It’ll add instant personality without feeling overwhelming. Bring in a durable indoor/outdoor rug in an eye-catching pattern – like this one in blues, greens and hints of brown – to define the area.

3. Acacia Wood Trunk. In the original space, a custom coffee table was constructed from reclaimed wood to provide space for snacks and drinks as well as extra storage. If you don’t want to splurge on a custom piece, shop around for an attractive outdoor storage trunk, like this one made of solid acacia wood. For a rustic, weathered look, you can allow it to gray over time, or you can condition it regularly with teak oil to preserve the original color.

4. Outdoor Throw Pillow. Add extra comfort and style to your outdoor furniture with weather-resistant pillows. Sporting a geometric tile design, this green and turquoise toss pillow is made of high-performance polyester for long-term outdoor use.

5. Bar Cart on Wheels. If you have enough space for a second table, consider a multi-leveled option for even more surface area. We like this two-tier trolley, which can be rolled out as a cocktail station, or parked in one spot as a side table or plant stand.

6. Rustic Rail Planter. Don’t let a lack of square footage stop you from incorporating plants into your outdoor space. Add color and life without sacrificing floor space with planters that mount to your deck railings. No rails? Try wall planters or hanging baskets.

Custom Patio Covers Hesperia | Patio Covering Contractors High Desert | S & S Construction Hesperia

custom-patio-coversHesperia patio covers  is to aim at meeting a client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. This covers the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion.

Home Improvement Contractor | Patio Covers Hesperia | Patio Remodel Hesperia

Home-Remodeling-high-desert-hesperia-victorville-apple-valley-barstow-constructionLooking for some remodel advice for your home?  Click on the link to read a great article from “This Old House” on remodeling.

Renovations That Give You a Return on Your Investment

Patio Restoration Hesperia | Patio Covers Hesperia | S&S Construction Patio Renovation Hesperia

Repair or Renovate your Patio Cover with S&S Construction Restoration Inc.

Patio covers are a wonderful way to turn your patio into a more comfortable, inviting living space. Think about how much more time you could spend outside if you didn’t need to worry about rain or the scorching California sun. Family and friends can relax in the shade of a covered patio for years to come when you trust the home remodeling experts at S&S Construction Restoration Inc.

Not sure which patio option to choose? S&S Construction Restoration Inc can help you find the solution that best fits your needs:

  • Patio covers – Full patio covers, also called pavilions, provide full shade cover with thermally insulated roofs for maximum UV protection.
  • Pergolas – A lattice offers partial shade, while also letting you enjoy the warm sun.
  • Garden arbors – Arbors add the perfect touch of elegance to your garden or front entrance. Ideal for climbing vines.
  • Screen rooms – A luxurious adaptation of a sun porch, now with state-of-the-art thermal roofing and stretch-resistant screens that can protect against wind, rain, and insects.
  • Sunrooms – Enjoy the outdoors all year round with a sunroom that features an extruded gutter system, leaf guard, an EPS thermal resistance roof, and much more.

Remember, no other home remodeling expert in California values its customers like S&S Construction Restoration Inc. Contact us for more information on patio covers for your Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley or any High Desert needs.