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S&S-construction-restoration-fire-damageRebuilding Your Home After A Fire

Fire can be the most destructive force on your home. What is not destroyed by the fire can be damaged or destroyed by smoke and water. Repairing fire damage requires careful attention to detail. Your home is most likely your largest asset and you cannot cut corners when it comes to rebuilding and restoring your investment. Repairing fire damage is not a job for the average contractor.

Contract the services of S&S Construction Restoration Inc. to restore your home and request a detailed estimate. Rebuilding the home will require several additional steps to ensure that safety issues are taken care of and the home’s structure is as safe and secure as it ever was.

Should the worst happen, S&S Construction Restoration Inc. will take every step necessary to make your home as safe and beautiful as it was before the fire. Contact us (760) 559-2667 as soon as your home has been affected by smoke or fire and we will evaluate the damage and prepare an itemized estimate. As with all disaster restoration (storm, water, smoke or fire) we provide 24 hour emergency service – 7 days a week.

Our last bit of advice is to be prepared before a disaster strikes your home. Of course you have insured your investment but you need to do more. Creating a home inventory before disaster strikes is an excellent way to expedite the insurance claims process after a fire loss. This record of your insurable assets will not only help you in the settlement of a covered loss or claim but will also help verify tax-deductible property losses and determine the right amount of insurance coverage you need.

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Alumawood Patio Covers: How its made

So, you’ve decided on Alumawood for your new patio cover…good choice! By now, you’ve researched all the benefits of an Alumawood patio cover, the advantages and disadvantages, etc. But, have you ever researched how its made? Take a look a the video below and then call S&S Construction Renovation for a no cost or obligation quote, 760.559.2667

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S&S Construction, your Premiere High-Desert Contractor

S&S Construction is your full-service, premiere contractor in the High Desert, specializing in concrete construction and design, custom patio covers as well as custom kitchen remodel and design. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and can handle all of your construction renovation needs. From custom kitchen design to new patio construction and everything in between, if you can imagine it, S&S Construction can build it.

Call S&S Construction today, 760.559.2667



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patio-covers-sandsconstruction2Hesperia Patio Covers is the site for all your construction restoration needs. Their team of licensed contractors offer new construction and remodeling design, custom concrete work, fire or water damage restoration.

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A remodel project, regardless of the size, requires a detailed plan of attack. The following article will help guide you to a successful remodel.

Homes & Lifestyles, Spring 2015, Sonoma West Publishers

Story by Ray Holley

A home remodel can be one of the largest investments you ever make, and you want it to change your life – or at least your living conditions – so it’s important that you understand the process and plan for the best outcome.

Click here to read the full article.

Ready to plan your remodel? Call S&S Construction at (760)559-2667 to set up a consultation.

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Insanely Clever Home Remodeling Ideas

Interested in a home remodel? Watch the video below for inspiration and insanely clever ideas you may have never thought about! Contact S&S Construction Renovation, to begin your home renovation journey, 760.559.2667


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Patio Cover Design Trends: 2018

Here in Southern California, we are afforded a year-round climate that is very outdoor living friendly.  Why not make the most of your outdoor space by installing a custom patio cover?  We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite on-trend patio covers for 2018 so you can live outdoors in style.

Probably our most favorite patio cover design trend for 2018 is the extended living space.  Opt for a solid slat patio cover with well placed overhead fans and you’ll be feeling the cool breeze well into Fall.

Is modern more your thing?  Why not consider blending sleek steel with warm wood tones.  Keeping with the minimalist theme here, offers chic casual lounging in style.



Perhaps your style is more Cape Cod. Why not consider this outdoor dining area?  Its perfect for those summer pool parties you have planned and provides stylish dining options for you and your guests.

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Thinking About a Home Remodel?

thClick on the link below to read a great article from “This Old House” on remodeling. Then, let the experts at S&S Construction help you with the renovation.

Renovations That Give You a Return on Your Investment

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What To Do After a House Fire

Smoke particles can infiltrate carpets, walls, furniture and clothing, lingering for months. So what can you do to rid your Southern California home of smoke odors and when is it time to contact a professional?

Smoke damage after a house fire can be challenging to remove without professional help. Odors from smoke can lead to headaches, nausea and troubled breathing, which can interfere with your health and daily life. Burning scented candles and spraying air fresheners may dilute or mask smoke odors temporarily but they fail to address the root of the problem. Often, air deodorant manufacturers oversimplify the process of smoke damage odor removal. However, effective smoke damage restoration requires a careful, educated approach.

Step 1: Attack the Source of the Odor

After the fire has been completely put out, clear your home of severely scorched or unsalvageable materials. These not only require immense time, effort and resources to deodorize but also emit large amounts of smoke odors that can seep into surrounding areas. Remove as many of these source objects as possible to expedite the cleaning process. Before considering demolition, contact a smoke damage odor removal specialist who can test your home for asbestos, lead, and other hazardous chemicals and recommend safe rebuilding tactics.

Step 2: Clean and Deodorize Exposed Surfaces

After a fire, exposed surfaces house high concentrations of smoke odors and residue. Professional restorers know how to thoroughly clean counter tops, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and appliances. This step is crucial to prepare the home for more in-depth odor removal. Depending on the scope of the fire, restorers may need to clean your entire home from top to bottom, even if the entire house was not burned in the fire.

Step 3: Neutralize Remaining Smoke Odors

The third step involves targeting smoke particles with a specialized deodorant gas. The particles in the gas mix with and neutralize particles in the smoke. Professional restorers can determine the right mixture of deodorizing agents and how to distribute them throughout your home. By following all paths the smoke particles may have taken, the deodorizing gas effectively clears the entire structure of lingering odors.

Step 4: Seal Severely Scorched Surfaces

Although seldom necessary, severe fires may require heavily damaged surfaces to be sealed off. Extreme heat and concentrations of smoke particles can render some surfaces nearly impossible to salvage without impractical means. If deemed necessary, the sealing process is the final step in odor removal. Some surfaces can be sealed and painted over. Heavily damaged surfaces in hard-to-reach spaces such as attics and crawlspaces should be sealed and contained. Sealing improves aesthetics and speeds up the overall deodorizing process when compared to extensive chemical treatments that can take several weeks to complete.

There are no easy, “set-it-and-forget-it” ways to remove smoke odors from a burned structure. Professional restoration companies know how to implement the right processes and adjust them to adapt to special cases. Because homeowners often lack the time and resources to remove smoke odors on their own, it’s important to hire a professional to both eliminate the problem and provide peace of mind.

The professionals at S&S Construction & Restoration Inc. specialize in professional smoke damage odor removal, as well as repair, restoration, and remodeling services for homes after a fire. For more information about smoke damage restoration in Southern California, contact S&S Construction & Restoration Inc. at (760) 559-2667 today.

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S&S Construction Restoration

We are your full-service general construction contractor, specializing in concrete construction, fire and water remediation, patio construction as well as kitchen design and restoration. Conveniently located in the high desert, no job it too big or too small. Let one of our design consultants help you with the planning and design of your new renovation project. Call S&S Construction today, 760.559.2667.